Stay posted for upcoming info on TCONA 2019 this fall – now in New York!


Join the best quizzers in the country, and a few from overseas, as we gather in New York for three days of quizzing, gaming, puzzles, panels, gameshow castings, and gameshow simulations. Sponsor a single event or the entire weekend, depending on your budget, and reach a nationwide audience of smart, loyal folks.

Single Event Sponsorship

Each TCONA event offers something different to our quizzers, and by extension, our sponsors. Whether it’s a classic event like the Quiz Bowl or a more fun endeavor like Trivioke, attendees are looking for knowledge, fun, and new experiences. By populating our prize pool with swag or gift certificates from your business, your company name is guaranteed to be said out loud multiple times by our enthusiastic hosts, to our enthusiastic players. In addition to the live mentions, a handful of happy trivia nerds will take home a physical representation of your business, to be remembered fondly and used as directed.

Contact us for more information on our individual events and how you can sponsor them.

Tournament Sponsorship

This is a conference with many moving parts: various events and games, presentations, auditions, and more, culminating in a closing ceremony and the naming of champions. To ensure you’re reaching all of our quizzers in a substantive, lasting way, you can sponsor TCONA as a whole, with your branding on all materials and several options for event features.

Contact us to find out more about being a lead sponsor.

Vendors at TCONA

Do you have cool merchandise that would be perfectly marketed to quizzers? Do you make great smoothies or empanadas? There’s a lot going on at TCONA, and our attendees are happy to take a break for a snack or some shopping. While not all of our events are conducive to vendor booths, some are, and we’d love for your company to join us for the weekend.

Contact us to discuss vending opportunities at the conference.

Custom Sponsorship

Do you have other ideas for an event or system that would best promote your brand? We’re all ears. Let’s discuss a custom sponsorship plan that will reach our players and begin a unique, lasting partnership between you and TCONA.

Contact us to talk about options.